LIC Nepal provides financial support to fight against Coronavirus; hands over Rs 51 lakh to federal government’s Coronavirus response fund

Wed, Apr 8, 2020 7:34 AM on Corporate, Latest,

LIC Nepal, under its CSR initiative, has provided Rs 51 lakh to federal government to fight ongoing Coronavirus threat. The life insurance made available the support amount via  the federal government’s Corona response fund established to fight the now-serious infection threat in the nation.

The support amount was handed over by CEO of the life insurance Mr. LP Das, DY CEO Mr. T. Burnawal and Finance Department head Mr. Bipin Kumar Lal to Secretary of Office of Prime Minister Mr. Narayan Prasad Bidhari amid a program.

The insurance company has also urged its customers to be in home quarantine and  make use of the digital payment channels as much as possible, as per the media statement.