Laxmi Equity Fund (LEMF) and Laxmi Unnati Kosh (LUK) At Higher NAV and Profit in Poush

Thu, Jan 27, 2022 12:10 PM on Latest, Mutual Fund,

Laxmi Equity Fund (LEMF), a closed-end 7 years equity-oriented mutual fund scheme managed by Laxmi Capital Market Limited, has reported a rise in NAV to Rs. 12.93 from Rs. 11.37 in the month of Poush.

The scheme, which began with a fund size of Rs.1.25 Arba has invested Rs. 1.05 Arba in listed shares of different companies.

LEMF has invested Rs. 3.33 lakhs in public offerings and Rs. 5.41 crores in bond/debentures. This mutual fund has Rs. 17 crores as fixed deposits and has Rs. 32.27 crores as a bank balance.

It has reported a net profit of a little over Rs. 31.49 crores till Poush. In the previous month, the profit was Rs. 11.95 crores.


Laxmi Capital Market Limited has also published the financial report of Laxmi Unnati Kosh (LUK) for the month of Poush. The NAV for the month of Poush stands at Rs.12.74. The NAV was Rs. 11.43 in the previous month.

The fund has invested Rs. 49.50 crores in listed shares and Rs. 1.8 lakhs in public issues. While the bank balance is Rs. 21.42 crores, the fund has invested Rs. 8.5 crores in fixed deposits. The fund also has 3.66 crores in debentures.

Laxmi Unnati Kosh has reported a net profit of Rs. 17.37 crores the month of Poush. In the previous month, the net profit was Rs. 8.81 crores.