Laxmi Capital Market issuing 80 million units Laxmi Unnati Kosh mutual fund worth Rs 800 million to the general public from today

Sun, Jul 26, 2020 7:22 AM on IPO/FPO News, Latest, Mutual Fund,
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Laxmi Capital Market Limited is issuing 80 million units of Rs 10 face value each mutual fund scheme (Laxmi Unnati Kosh) worth Rs 800 million to the general public from today i.e. 11th Shrawan, 2077.

This mutual fund scheme was supposed to be issued to the public from Chaitra 5 of last year. However, Laxmi Capital Market Limited had postponed its 80 million units of mutual fund scheme until further notice because of the lockdown.

Out of the total 80 million units with Rs. 10 face value each, 15% is reserved for Laxmi Bank Limited. The remaining 85%, which amounts to the remaining 68 million units, is to be issued to the public from Shrawan 11. The issue will be closed on Shrawan 14 at the earliest or on Shrawan 25 at the latest.

A minimum of 10 and a maximum of 8 million units can be applied for during that time.

The description letter can be accessed and received via Laxmi Capital Market, New Baneshwor and Laxmi Bank, Hattisar, or via both of their respective websites.

Meanwhile, the application form can be received from and submitted to the branches of any bank that is a C-ASBA member approved by SEBON.