Jyoti Bikas Bank and Global IME Bank distributing dividend directly to Demat account;Urges shareholders to dematerialize

Jyoti Bika...

Jyoti Bikas Bank (JBBL) had approved 12.75% bonus shares from its 12th AGM held on Poush 29, 2076. The bonus shares have been listed in NEPSE and CDS and Clearing and therefore will be distributed to the shareholders directly into their Demat account.

The bank has urged the shareholders to dematerialize their shares if they haven't yet to receive the dividend amount.


Global IME Bank (GBIME) has also published a notice calling on its shareholders to collect due dividends from 2065/66 to 2070/71. Similarly, the shareholders who haven't collected dividends from 2072/73, 2073/74 and 2074/75 are also urged to collect them. These dividends will be directly deposited in the Demat account and therefore has urged shareholders to dematerialize their shares.