If You Own Shares of These Companies, You'll Have to Manually Pay Tax on Bonus Shares; Here's How to Do It

Tue, May 4, 2021 3:55 PM on Latest, Dividend, Bonus & Rights,

NIBL Ace Capital has issued a notice requesting investors to pay tax on bonus shares of companies for which the investment subsidiary function as share registrar.

Specifically, investors have to manually pay tax on bonus shares of these companies:

1) Garima Bikas Bank - FY 2073/74
2) Jyoti Bikas Bank (Former Hamro Bikas Bank) - FY. 2072/73
3) Jyoti Bikas Bank - FY 2075/76 and FY 2076/77
4) Nepal Investment Bank - FY 2076/77
5) Nepal Insurance Company - FY 2074/75
6) National Microfinance - FY 2075/76
7) Shangrila Development Bank - FY 2071/72
8) Shine Resunga Development Bank - FY 2072/73, FY 2073/74, FY 2075/76, and FY 2076/77

Investors can contact NIBL Ace Capital to inquire about the tax amount that they need to pay.

The respective bank accounts in which investors should deposit their tax amount for the companies above are listed in the notice below.