Himalayan Distillery distributing 68.42% interim cash dividend; investors holding shares till Jestha 17 are eligible


Himalayan Distillery Limited (HDL) is distributing 68.42% interim cash dividend (including cash for tax purpose) of current FY 2074/75 to its shareholders. As per the notice published by the company, the dividend will be directly deposited to the bank accounts of its shareholders through IPS from tomorrow (Jestha 30, 2076). For those shareholders that have yet to dematerialize their shares, the company has urged them to demat their shares and update bank accounts with the demat accounts.

Himalayan Distillery Limited to distribute interim dividend from profits of current year 75/76; net profit till third quarter stood at Rs 32.71 Crore

Last day to hold shares of Himalayan Distillery Limited to claim interim cash dividend worth Rs 68.42 per share