Gurans Life Insurance to auction 90 thousands unit promoter shares: Bid application open till Shrawan 10, 2076.

Fri, Jul 12, 2019 10:54 AM on Auction, Latest,
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Gurans Life Insurance Company Limited (GLICL) has published notice today inviting bids for promoter shares. As per the notice GLICL is auctioning 90,571 unit promoter shares.

Therefore, the company has invited all the interested individuals, company and institution to bid for the auctioned shares. The minimum amount is set at Rs 100, so any bid to be placed should be equal or more than Rs 100.

The applicants can apply for minimum of thousands shares and they can apply for maximum available shares divisible by 10. The sealed envelope should be labeled as “Gurans Life Insurance Company Limited promoter share purchase application”

Laxmi Capital Market Limited will be managing auction. The bid application will be accepted from Shrawan 3, 2076 to Shrawan 10, 2076.

The applicant/s should deposit the entire bid amount in a/c no. 00534010788 of Laxmi Capital Market Limited or they should attach ‘Good For Payment Cheque” issued in the name of Laxmi Capital Market Limited.

GLICL had issued right share from Chaitra 28, 2075 to Baisakh 2, 2076. However, there were no application for 2,40,571 unit right share. Therefore those share were open for auction from Asahdh 5 to Asahdh 12 2076. Of those remaining unsold 90,571 promoter shares, GLICL republishes the notice for auction.