Goodwill Finance to issue 2.50 lakh unit debentures from today; debenture to mature in 7 years with interest yield of 12%

Wed, Mar 11, 2020 8:19 AM on Bonds & Debentures, Latest,

Goodwill Finance has begun issuing its 2.50 lakh unit 12% Goodwill Finance Debenture 2083 from Falgun 28, 2076.

Out of the total issued debentures, 1.50 lakh units will be issued through a private placement method while 1 lakh unit debentures will be issued for general investors.

The issue will close on Chaitra 2, 2076 at the earliest while on Chaitra 12, 2076 if the issue remains extended. Interested investors can apply for minimum 25 units to maximum 5000 units from all the approved BFIs under the ASBA member group, as per the media statement.

"12% Goodwill Finance Company Debenture 2083" open for application from Falgun 28; Interested investor can apply for a minimum of 25 units