Global IME Samunnat Scheme-1 net loss falls to Rs.11.29 Crore by the end of Baisakh; NAV increases to Rs.9.50

Mon, May 27, 2019 12:35 PM on Latest, Mutual Fund, Stock Market,
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Global IME Samunnat Scheme-1 (GIMES1), a closed-end 7 years mutual fund scheme managed by Global IME Capital Limited, has reported a slight increase in its Net Asset Value (NAV).

As per the financial report published today, the mutual fund scheme’s NAV has increased to Rs 9.50 till the end of Baisakh from Rs 8.77 in the last month end.

The NAV of the fund is below the par value of Rs 10 per unit indicating the fund is in loss.

The scheme, which was launched with a total fund of Rs 1 arba, has invested Rs. 89.86 crore in the shares of listed companies and Rs 4.26 crore in non-listed shares as on Baisakh end. Similarly, it has invested Rs 1 crore in debentures.

The fund has reported net loss of Rs 11.29 crore till the month of Baisakh which is lower than the net loss of Rs 18.62 crore till the month of Chaitra.

Out of its total investment in listed shares, Global IME Samunnat Fund has its highest investment in 76,029 unit shares of Nabil Bank Limited Promoter shares (NABILP) worth Rs 6.25 crore.