Finance Minister Sharma reaffirms his commitment to Budhigandaki hydel project

Wed, Dec 8, 2021 8:17 AM on Featured, National,

Finance Minister Janardan Sharma has promised to develop Budhigandaki Hydropower Project and begin the construction works during his tenure.

Addressing the Tripura sundari fair here Monday, Minister Sharma vowed to construct the Budhigandakri project. The Nwagi area of Tripurasundari in Dhading district is a catchment area of the project and would be inundated after the project development. The owners of the land plots there have also received compensation for the land acquisition.

Likewise, Minister Sharma assured to allocate budget to blacktop the road from Tripurasundari to Salyankot.

Seeking public support to carry out the development works, Minister Sharma pledged to complete the development of Mid-Hill Highway.