Commercial Banks See Decrement in Total Deposit in Third Week of Kartik, Increment in Lending

Thu, Nov 11, 2021 2:51 PM on Latest, Economy, National,

The elaborate report on the trend of deposit and lending in the nation's commercial banks has been unveiled. This is the data reported as of 17 Kartik 2078, i.e. the last working day of Kartik's third week. The average CD ratio is 89.87%

The total deposit went down by Rs. 9 billion in the first week of Kartik, and the figure is at Rs. 4,238 billion. Rs. 4,111 billion worth of deposit is in local currency while the rest Rs. 127 billion is in foreign currency.

Meanwhile, the total lending has gone up by Rs. 7 billion in the third week of Kartik, and the total figure is at Rs. 4,025 billion. Rs. 3871 billion worth of lending has been forwarded in local currency while Rs. 153 billion is in foreign currency.