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Analyzing Premium Accumulation Among Nepal's Non-Life Insurance Companies Until Magh 2080/81: Who's at the Forefront?

Wed, Feb 28, 2024 1:31 PM on Featured, Company Analysis, Premium, National,

According to a report released by the Insurance Authority, during the first seven months of the fiscal year 2080–81, the non-life insurance firms collected a total of Rs. 22.39 Arba in premiums out of their 1,671,106 total active insurance policies.

The largest premium was collected by Shikhar Insurance Company Limited from the non-life insurance sector, totaling Rs. 2.89 Arba. Similar to this, Sagarmatha Lumbini Insurance Co Ltd which has 172,474 insurance policies, received a premium of Rs. 2.67 Arba for its insurance up to Magh in FY 2080/81.

Likewise, Neco Insurance Limited has the highest number of insurance policies 179,234 with a premium worth Rs. 1.87 Arba. On the other hand, the National Insurance Company Ltd generated the least amount of premium i.e. Rs. 69.44 Crores, owing to its 20,555 active insurance policies.