Among 13 commercial banks who have published their 4th Quarter report, which ones outperformed their past record?

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With the end of Fiscal Year 2075/76, Banks and Financial Institutions have started to publish their 4th quarterly report. Till the date, 13 commercial banks have published their unaudited 4th quarterly report. Here, we have presented the comparative financial outlook of those 13 banks with their previous year’s performance on the basis of various key financial indicators.

Reserve and Surplus

The reserve and surplus of these banks has reached to Rs.91.02 billion in the fiscal year 2075/76, whereas it was Rs. 73.12 billion in the fiscal year 2074/75, an increase by 24.29%. The highest growth of reserve and surplus is maintained by Machhapuchchhre bank (40.43%) and the lowest by Kumari bank (-4.23%).

Source: Q4 Report and SS Pro


The total deposit of these 13 banks has increased by 20.50% in this FY2075/76. Kumari Bank has reported the highest growth in deposit, i.e. by 43.37% in this Fiscal Year followed by Siddhartha bank at 30.40%, while Bank of Kathmandu has shown the lowest rise in deposit, only by 7.83%.

Source: Q4 and SS Pro

Loans and Advances

As compared to previous fiscal year, the combined loans and advances of these banks has increased by 19.09% in this fiscal year 2075/76. Siddhartha Bank has got the highest growth in loans and advances, by 25.66%, whereas Bank of Kathmandu has the lowest growth in loans and advance, only by 9.11%.

Source: Q4 and SS Pro

Net Interest Income

The net interest income of these banks has shown the growth of 23.26% in two years. The highest growth is maintained by Prabhu Bank, i.e.62.15%, and the lowest (negative) by Nepal bank with 3.27% only.

Source: Q4 and SS Pro

Operating Profit

The total operating profit stands at Rs.42.35 billion in FY 2075/76, an increase by 23.18% from the previous FY 2074/75. Prabhu Bank has shown the highest growth in operating profit by 64.43% whereas Nepal Bank has shown negative growth in operating profit by 6.19% this year.

Source: Q4 and SS Pro

Net Profit

The net profit of these 13 commercial banks stands at Rs.29.75 billions in the FY 2075/76, whereas it was 23.96 billion in the previous FY 2074/75, an increase by 24.17%. Prabhu bank has the highest growth by 112.05% while Nepal Bank has negative growth by 18.77% in this fiscal year 2018/19.

Source: Q4 and SS Pro


The highest EPS of Rs.44.67 is maintained by Agricultural Development Bank and the lowest EPS of Rs.15.36 by Kumari Bank. The Everest Bank has the highest P/E ratio of 17.72 followed by SBI Bank with the ratio of 17.2 whereas Agricultural Bank has the lowest P/E ratio of 9.16.

Source: Q4 and SS Pro