68 Millions units of Laxmi Unnati Kosh Alloted to the Public and Financial Institutions

Laxmi Capital Limited has allotted its 80 million units of Rs 10 face value each mutual fund scheme worth Rs 800 million (Laxmi Unnati Kosh) to the general public on 30th Shrawan, 2077.

Out of the total 80 million units with Rs. 10 face value each, 15% was reserved for Laxmi Bank Limited. The remaining 85%, which amounts to the remaining 68 million units, was issued to the public from Shrawan 11.

Since enough applications weren't received from the general public, Laxmi Capital had opened applications to institutions and companies as well.

A total of 8,22,68,070 units was applied for by the public and the institutions combined. There were 35,632 total applicants.

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