Your share order is just a click away! The trading era begins! Official launch of online trading in Nepal!

Tue, Nov 6, 2018 2:20 PM on Stock Market,
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6th November, 2018 will be marked in history of Nepalese capital market as the official initiation of online trading. NEPSE has gone online today with its launch at Hotel Yak and Yeti by respected Finance Minister Dr. Yuba raj Khatiwada. The official launch of online trading was done at 11 AM.

The program was further accompanied with the presence of several delegates.  CEO of Nepal Stock Exchange; Mr. Chandra Singh Saud delivered the welcome speech in the program. Mr. Saud said "One of the most important part of online trading is the trade management system. With the use of internet, investors can now ease account opening, trade management, portfolio management, order placement, payment transfer, chart analysis and many more". He further added, "Several suggestions of brokers and other stakeholders have been complied. These suggestions will be complied in the upcoming days in order to upgrade the online trading."

After this, the chairman of stock broker association Mr. Bharat Ranabhat urged all the banks to come together with banking integration in online trading platform. He further suggested SEBON to bring in agent and sub agent system so that broker service will be easy to expand in all Gaupalika. He also insisted in bringing settlement guarantee fund as soon as possible.

Chiranjibi Chapagain; the chairperson of Beema Samiti further congratulated NEPSE and all the investors. He also added "Life insurance companies are required to do the actuarial valuation. This is not possible to do in Nepal. So, we need to get it done in India. Only after the valuation is done, companies establish their balance sheet. Investors usually base their investment decision on dividend announcement. However, I urge them to see the statements post valuation and only make the decision."

Dr. Rewat Bahadur Karki; chairman at SEBON also forwarded his views in the event. He stated "Secondary market is sensitive compared to primary market. The exposure of primary market is comparatively bigger than secondary market among Nepalese. So, we need to make secondary market also economically and commercially viable."

The deputy governor of Nepal Rastra Bank; Shiva Raj Shrestha mentioned "Investors can now access online trading being at distance. Investors who are already in the market are enthusiastic about online trading. However, potential investors who are not in the market and lack technical knowledge should be aware about protection of password, procedure of using online trading and many more."

Finally, Finance Minister Yuba raj Khatiwada also congratulated the stakeholders of Nepalese capital market for the new beginning. He mentioned "Government is prioritizing e-governance where online trading is also the part of the same." He further added "Back when D-mat was established, its abbreviation was itself confusing among general public. Online trading is in the same period. So, we need to do develop every infrastructures of secondary market. It includes CDS modernization and up gradation, online trading, product development, process development and many more." Dr. Khatiwada also addressed the issue of liquidity and asked general public to take it just as a season of liquidity. He further ensured the liquidity season will also come to an end very soon."