While the Air Is Hyped up in NEPSE, Do Not Ignore THIS Message from SEBON

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SEBON's Official Press Release

Subject: Be Informed and Aware while Investing

As important as the capital market is for the economic development of the country, SEBON is closely monitoring the development and expansion of the capital market. The Board is continuously monitoring the nature and activities of the secondary market for securities. The Board, as the regulatory body of the securities market, has been informing investors about various aspects of the market time and again through press releases, publications, websites, and various media.

In recent times, there has been a significant increase in investor participation. This can be attributed to the securities market development and reform works carried out by the Board. As a result, 8 lakh investors have participated in the primary market. 21.80 lakh investors have made a Demat account, which is 7.25% of the Nepalese population. Additionally, more than 85% of transactions in the secondary market are now done online.

In the last few days, the transaction volume in the secondary market and the Nepse index have remained at the highest points so far, which is a matter of happiness for the overall capital market. However, it will be in the interest of the investors to make investment decisions by analyzing the financial condition of the listed entities. Refine your investment choices in accordance with the established values and norms of the capital market, the basic and technical aspects of those institutions, compliance with the rules and regulations as well as overall financial and economic indicators.

Therefore, the Board heartily requests all investors to invest wisely in the stock market without following rumors and speculations, but by analyzing the financial situation of the world economy, national economy, and listed organizations, the state of corporate governance, and the risk-bearing capacity of investors and the security of their investments.

Niraj Giri
Spokesperson, Securities Board of Nepal

*Translated from Nepali with the original message kept intact.*