When's the Book Closure for Narayani Development Bank (NABBC)'s 1: 1 Rights Offering?

Narayani Development Bank Limited (NABBC) has declared the book closure date for its rights issue. Shareholders maintained before Mangsir 24 are entitled to apply for the rights offering.

The company has already received the regulatory board SEBON's approval to issue the right shares. The company had submitted its application to the Securities Board of Nepal to issue rights shares in the ratio 1: 1. The application was submitted to the regulator on Ashad 04. 13,12,338 shares will now be issued.

The 19th AGM of the company held on Magh 16, 2077 had endorsed the proposal to issue 1: 2 right shares. The right shares were to be issued on the paid-up capital of Rs. 13,12,33,800. However, based on the letter forwarded by the central bank on Jestha 20, 2078, the development bank was given approval to issue the right shares in a 1: 1 ratio only. This will only double the paid-up capital, compared to the company's expectation to tripe it.

Global IME Capital has been appointed the issue manager for the rights offering. As of writing, NABBC has the last day's closing price of Rs. 856.70.