Weekly wrap up of NEPSE Index; Nepal Bank most tradable shares of this week

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Fri, Jan 11, 2019 3:56 PM on Featured, Weekly Analysis,

NEPSE index movement: NEPSE index had opened at 1178.25 points and index moved slightly volatile this week.

NEPSE index has formed three bullish and two bearish candles this week. The NEPSE index managed to close with a mere 0.22% gain at 1180.84 points.

NEPSE Chart Analysis: In the last 11-trading days only three days candles are bullish and those bullish candles are formed in this week.

The market was strongly bearish in the last 11 days, thus the index has formed 7 consecutive bearish candles. NEPSE lost more than 60 points in that period.

This week's uptrend dominated sideways market is a relief for investors, moreover the formation of small-bodied candles raise the hope for bullish candles. However, the market trend is bearish in all time periods as NEPSE is making lower lows in both weekly and daily charts. For the short-term trend to be bullish, NEPSE index has to cross 1232 level.

Total turnover is looking stable in the last couple of weeks but the number is not attractive.

Weekly Market Summary of NEPSE

More than 62 lakh unit of shares of worth Rs 1.66 arba has been traded through 17 thousand transactions. The current market capitalization of NEPSE stands at Rs. 1,412988.47 Million.

Top ten gainers of the week:

Jebils Finance limited (JEFL) is the top gainer of the week. The JEFL opens at Rs 111 and managed to close at Rs 126 with 13.51% gain.

Top ten losers of the week:

Aarambha Microfinance (AMFI) has lost 13.89%, this week.

Top Stocks By turnover:

Nepal Bank (NBL) has topped in the case of turnover as more than Rs 34.74 crore worth of shares of NBL traded this week.

The top seller brokers:

Online Securities was a top seller broker of this week and it has sold stocks of worth Rs 19.53 crore in the period of 5 days.

Top Seller Broker's Top sell: 

The list here will show the top sold company by top ten seller broker.

Nepal Bank Limited (NBL) is the top sold company by top seller brokers. 1.01 lakhs unit of CCBL stocks of worth Rs 31.05 crore had been sold this week.

Top Buyers Broker:

Online securities is the top buyer broker for this week. The brokerage company has bought a stock of worth Rs 19.63 crore.

Top buyer's broker top bought Company:

The Nepal bank limited is the top bought company by top ten buyer's broker. NBL stock of worth Rs 27.24 crore has been bought this week.