Week Started With Highest Turnover in History and Ended With All-Time High Index (Breakdown of Technicals, Broker and Sector Analysis with Major Highlights)

Fri, Jun 4, 2021 7:26 PM on Stock Market, Weekly Analysis,

The Nepse index closed at its highest 2856.67 with the second-highest turnover of 16.90 Arba. 123.6 points volatility was witnessed this week, with the market reaching the highest 2875.04 and the lowest 2751.44. NEPSE index gained 41.37 points (1.47%) in this trading week. Last week market closed at 2815.39 points and this week closed at 2856.67 points on Thursday.

Exponential Moving Average:

We have used EMA's of 5 days' time period (blue line), 20 days' time period (red line). At present, NEPSE Index is above both 5 days EMA and 20 days EMA. Nepse index above moving average signals for Bullishness. GOLDEN CROSS on 2nd May 2021 is still valid. The Golden cross is a technical pattern indicating the potential for a major rally.

Relative Strength Index:

Relative Strength Index is a momentum oscillator that measures between zero and 100. Currently, the Relative Strength Index is at the 68.13 level. Traditionally the RSI is considered overbought when above 70 and oversold when below 30.

Moving Average Convergence and Divergence:

MACD line (blue) and the signal line (red line) are in the Positive zone.  A histogram is also in the Positive zone. The signal line and the MACD line are overlapping each other. The overlapping pattern signifies a non-decisive state.

Fibonacci retracement:

A Fibonacci retracement refers to areas of support or resistance. The indicator is useful because it can be drawn between any two significant price points, such as a high and a low, and then the indicator will create the levels between those two points.

The Fibonacci retracement levels are

261.8% - 3180

161.8% - 2922

100% - 2760

78.6% - 2704

61.8% - 2660


Support and resistance level for the next trading week according to Pivot Point.

Pivot Point- 2827

1st Resistance- 2903                     1st Support- 2779

2nd Resistance- 2951                    2nd Support- 2703

3rd Resistance- 3013                    3rd Support- 2641

Conclusion:  All major indicators are supporting an uptrend but major support is at  2760  for this week.

Weekly Market Summary of NEPSE:

More than 15.06 crore unit shares worth Rs 67.79 Arba have been traded through 6.90 lakh transactions this week. The current market capitalization of NEPSE stands at Rs. 3,964,212.15 Million.

NEPSE index and Sub-indices performance: (Decrement here is based on the previous week closed value)

The NEPSE index increased by 1.47% this week. The highest gaining sector of this week is the Finance sector with a rise of 17.67%.

Stock with the highest monthly Beta value from the Microfinance, Hydropower, Development Bank and Non-Life Insurance 

Shree Investment Finance Company Limited (SIFC) has the highest monthly Beta value of 3.32 followed by Progressive Finance Company Limited (PROFL) and Saptakoshi Development Bank Limited (SAPDBL)  with 3.30 and 3.24 beta value respectively.

Top Ten Gainers of the week:  

Lumbini Bikas Bank Limited (LBBL) is the top gainer of this week. LBBL closed at Rs. 496 with Rs. 154 (45.03%) increment.

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Top Ten Losers of the week:

Mountain Hydro Nepal Limited's (MHNL) price has decreased by 15.70% and its LTP stands at Rs. 349.

Top Stocks by Turnover, Volume, and Number of Transaction:

Nepal Reinsurance Company Limited (NRIC) is the top traded company of the week. A total of Rs. 3.59 Arba worth of NRIC shares were traded this week.

Top Buyers Brokers of the Week:

Vision Securities Pvt. Limited (Broker No- 34) was the top buyer broker of this week and it has bought stocks worth Rs 3.39 Arba.

Top Buyer Brokers Top 10 Bought Companies:

Top Seller Broker of the Week:

Naasa Securities Co.Ltd (Broker No- 58) was the top seller broker for this week. The brokerage firm has sold stocks worth Rs 4.64 Arba.

Top Seller Brokers Top 10 Sold Companies:

All the analysis is done with the SS Pro Software. To know more about the software, click on the link below


Major Highlights of the week:

NEPSE Suspends Trading of Khani Khola Hydropower Company (KKHC)

Gold Gains Rs. 400 Per Tola; Silver Gains Rs. 15

Like Covid-19 Cases, Stock Market Indices are Also Creating All-Time Highs in India and Nepal

Arun Valley Hydropower Distributes Right Shares; Auction of Remaining Shares Can Add Over Rs. 15 Crores as Non-Operating Profit

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