Tourist Arrivals in Nepal Reach 10 Lakh 15 Thousand in 2023, Indian and American Visits Encouraging

Tue, Jan 2, 2024 2:25 PM on Latest, Economy,

Nepal Tourism Board reports that the year 2023 witnessed a robust tourism influx, welcoming 10 lakh 14 thousand 876 tourists, marking an increase of 4,728 compared to 2022, where 6 lakh 14 thousand 148 tourists visited the country.

Encouragingly, the arrival of Indian and American tourists has been a significant contributor to this growth. Director of Nepal Tourism Board, Maniraj Lamichhane, mentioned that as China opens its borders, the number of Chinese tourists is also on the rise, contributing to an overall positive trend in tourist arrivals.

The data reveals that in 2023, 3,19,936 tourists from India visited Nepal, surpassing the figures from 2019, where 2 lakh 54 thousand 150 Indian tourists arrived. The American tourist count for the year 2023 was 100,357, exceeding the 2019 count of 93,241. Chinese tourist arrivals in 2023 amounted to 60,878, reflecting a positive shift compared to the 2019 figure of 169,543.

This achievement marks the third consecutive year with tourist arrivals surpassing 10 lakh, following 2018 and 2019. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in the subsequent years, Nepal has successfully maintained a steady growth in its tourism sector.

The government's 10 lakh tourist target for 2023 was met, and Minister Sudan Kirati emphasized the importance of promoting local tourism. Anticipating an exciting 2024, experts cite improved China-Nepal connectivity, including a direct Kathmandu-Lhasa flight by Himalaya Airlines. President of HAN, Binayak Shah, believes Nepal has hosted 30-35 lakh tourists till date and shall increase with sincere government efforts.

Prime Minister Prachanda aims to double arrivals to 20 lakhs in 2024, urging activation of the tourism decade program and infrastructure development, signaling positive prospects for Nepal's tourism industry. This positive trend in tourist arrivals serves as a ray of hope for the tourism industry, heralding expectations for continued growth and prosperity in the coming years.