Stock Market Trend Analysis; Which Sector Has Gained the Highest in Last 100 Days?

Tue, Jan 10, 2023 4:06 PM on Stock Market, Latest,

Since last week, NEPSE appears to be gaining ground owing to daily increases in turnover and points scored.

NEPSE closed above 2200 yesterday, January 9, 2023, for the first time in nearly seven months.

With this, NEPSE has closed at the 2,211.38 level. The index concluded at its highest point in seven months. Last time on May 27, 2022, the NEPSE was at 2,223.78 levels.

On August 18, 2021, the NEPSE reached a new record high, closing at 3,198.60, with a turnover of Rs 21.31 Arba. After this level, the NEPSE index has been on a decreasing trend but, with the index now rebounding, investors have begun to return to the stock market.

In this article, we will see the incline/decline in the index value of each sector over the past 3.5 Months (25th September, 22 to 9th January, 23)

 Sector-wise index gain 

As can be seen from the data, the Trading Index has gained the highest over the past three months. The index level stood at 1756.89 on 25th September, which has increased by 40.81% to stand at 2473.90 levels on 9th January 2023.

Similarly, 10 sectors have an index percentage incline higher than the NEPSE Index, which signifies strong price fluctuation and also that trade, hydropower, finance, life insurance, and investment may be favorable for trading.

On the other hand, Low beta indices, like banking, manufacturing and processing as well as mutual funds have reduced risk and are hence better for long-term investing. As can be seen, the banking sector and mutual fund sector have gained the lowest in recent times with an incline of 11.06% and 9.12% respectively.


Banking Sector

Development Banks



Hotels And Tourism

Hydro Power

Life Insurance

Manufacturing And Processing




Non-Life Insurance


Mutual Funds



Note: Any dividend distributed during the period of 3.5 Months (25 September, 2022 to 9 January, 2023) has not been adjusted and taken into consideration for this analysis.