Shree Investment and Finance proposes 13% dividend for FY 2075/76; Capital after adjustment to reach Rs 82.9 crore

Shree Inve...

Shree Investment and Finance Company (SIFC) has proposed 13% dividend for its shareholders from the profit till FY 2075/76.

The 258th Board Meeting held on Ashwin 16, 2076 has decided to propose 10.65% cash dividend and 2.35% bonus shares. The details are:

Current paid-up capital: Rs 81 crore

Cash dividend: 10.65% worth Rs 8.62 crore

Bonus shares: 2.35% worth Rs 1.90 crore

Total dividend: 13% worth Rs 10.53 crore

Capital after adjustment: Rs 82.9 crore

The proposal is subject to approval from NRB and the upcoming AGM of the company.