Shree Investment and Finance concludes its 27th AGM; endorses proposal of 11% dividend for its shareholders

Fri, Jan 14, 2022 4:57 AM on Latest, AGM/Special AGM,

Shree Investment and Finance has convened its 27th AGM for the FY 2077-78 under the leadership of its chairman Mr. Sashi Raj Pandey on Poush 29, 2078.

Apart from the regular financial reports, The AGM has endorsed the board’s proposal to provide 7.70% bonus shares and 3.30% cash dividend to its shareholders from the profit it had made in the previous fiscal year. The new paid-up value of the finance company will scale up to Rs 95.86 crore after the capitalization of the endorsed bonus shares.

The finance company had raised deposits of Rs 6.24 Arba and disbursed loans of Rs 4.58 Arba, earned a net profit of Rs 11.48 crore after bonus and tax adjustment, and is serving via its 13 branches.