Sharesansar's Personal Letter to Investors: IPO Result

To our valued investors,

10 years ago, when there was no online application portal like we have today, Sharesansar was the first online news portal to provide IPO results to investors.

Looking back, it really is a nostalgic memory. We have covered the IPO news and result of hundreds of companies. We have seen these companies grow and thrive from their very inception, thanks to synergized efforts from all.

Sharesansar has been serving investors from the time when we had to apply for an IPO by waiting on long queues in banks. At that time, investors had to physically visit the respective IPO issue manager to get the result. Sensing this inconvenience, we were the first to approach the issue managers and persuade them to publish the result online. With growing digitization, we saw that it is what the future was going to look like.

Sharesansar is incredibly satisfied to have served investors and to have given them the ability to view the IPO result online.

Now, CDSC has introduced its own online application portal, Meroshare, into the Nepalese capital market. With this, the regulators have decided to prohibit news portals from publishing the IPO result online for privacy reasons. We openly applaud and welcome this decision, given that the official sources are now apt themselves to publish the result online.

At the same time, we want to highlight the fact that integrity has always been our greatest strength in our years of service. We have never misused the data we received. Sharesansar as an entity covers everything from a journalistic stance, without fear or favor. Hundreds of thousands of investors put their faith in us every day. Misusing user data in any way is a horrendous act, and we openly discourage such spiteful activity.

The IPO result can now be checked via Meroshare and the respective issue manager's website. In the case of the IPO result of Mahila Laghubitta, whose allotment will conclude today, Nepal SBI Merchant Banking Limited is the issue manager. 

Like always, Sharesansar will continue to serve investors and provide them with fact-checked news from authentic sources.

Always in service,