ShareSansar asked the investors “Would Dashain be different if the market was rising?”

Dashain jastai lagyo” meaning “It feels like Dashain” is a phrase used to indicate not only the arrival of Dashain but also any event that brings excitement. Usually, this phrase is used by investors when the market is in an upward trend or when investors can book a profit. In the current context, market has been falling every single day. The hope that the Nepali stock market will see a rise in the near future is minimal among Nepali. Investors have been demanding reforms in stock market however; government has shown least interest towards the secondary market.

In this scenario, we asked few investors “Would Dashain be different if the market was rising?” Let us see what our investors have to share:

Krishna Giri, Technical analyst:

“The celebration style of Dashain has changed a lot probably because of the increasing income level of general public. The modern ways of celebrating Dashain has overshadowed the conventional way of celebrating Dashain. In case of investors, had the market been rising, the enthusiasm towards Dashain would have been different. We would have a higher purchasing power and our budgets would be more flexible. I do think the declining market has reduced the excitement in Dashain to me including other investors.”

Srijana Subedi, Veteran investor:

“I am a shopaholic person. Dashain is all about shopping, partying and having fun with closed ones. Ofcourse the declining market has taken away the enthusiasm to celebrate Dashain fully. Usually, in context of investors, a rising market can help them fund the expenses for Dashain. Since the market is in a downward trend investors are supposed to look other avenues for funding their expenses for Dashain.”

Dipendra Sipai, Fundamental analyst:

“Dashain was supposed to be about plans and celebration. However, I go to the broker house every day just to find out the market has decreased every new day. A major part of any investors’ lie is their investment. When you realize that you are in loss and have to make settlements in loss during such a great festival, the enthusiasm does not remain the same.”

 Arun Lama, Technical analyst:

“If market was rising, investors like me would get the opportunity to book their profits. However, the case is not the same. Investors are not able to make settlements because the market is consistently declining. Yet I don’t think that this fully impacts the celebration of the festival. It totally depends on how one celebrates Dashain. I am a kind of person who likes to celebrate Dashain carefree in the simplest way possible so, the declining market would not affect me to that extent.”

Durga Tiwari, Veteran investor:

“I have always considered stock market as business. It would be wrong to relate every aspect of life with market. Market keeps rising and keeps falling on its own pace. Of course, the spending pattern might have differed if the market was rising. However, this does not mean that simply because the market is declining, I would compromise the enthusiasm of celebrating Dashain. Market is a different aspect of life and Dashain is different. They do not have such higher degree of correlation.”

These are the opinions of our investors on whether declining market has impacted the way of celebrating Dashain. Has the market impacted your way of celebrating Dashain? Let us know in the comment section below.