SARBTM Make Splash on Debut; Sparking Positive Circuits Within Minutes

Tue, Mar 19, 2024 11:44 AM on IPO/FPO News, NEPSE News, Latest,

Sarbottam Cement Limited (SARBTM) saw a swift surge within minutes of the market opening, marking a highly successful beginning for the company on its trading debut today, after its recent listings.

Yesterday, SARBTM shares debuted on the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE). The NEPSE established the initial price range for SARBTM's first transactions between Rs. 185.36 to Rs. 556.08, aiming for an effective price discovery process.

However, an unexpected turn occurred when SARBTM witnessed a 10% positive circuit within few minutes of trading.

According to the most recent available data, SARBTM is currently trading at Rs. 611.60 per share.

Market Depth of SARBTM: