Sanima Equity Fund investment in listed shares increase by Rs.10.50 Crore by the end of Jestha; NAV falls to Rs.11.15

Wed, Jun 26, 2019 12:41 PM on Financial Analysis, Latest, Mutual Fund,
Sanima Equ...

Sanima Equity Fund (SAEF), a 7 years closed-end equity oriented mutual fund scheme managed by Sanima Capital Limited and sponsored by Sanima Bank Limited, has reported its NAV of Rs 11.15 for the month of Jestha, 2076 which was Rs 11.34 in the previous month.

The scheme which was launched with a total fund of Rs 1.30 arba, has total investments of Rs 73.14 crore in listed shares and Rs 3.30 crore in public issues, right shares and bonus shares as of Jestha end. The scheme had previously invested Rs 62.64 Crore in listed shares, increasing by Rs 10.50 Crore.

SAEF has Rs 13 crore in fixed deposits which is 10% of total fund size and has Rs 51.04 crore in bank balance. This figure was at Rs 64.20 crore in the previous month, marking a 20.53% decrees in the bank balance.

SAEF reported a net profit of Rs 12.96 crore till the month of Jestha, 2076.

Out of its total investment in listed shares, Sanima Equity Fund has highest investment in Promoter shares of Nabil Bank worth Rs 7.65 crore.