Sahara Bikas Bank allotted 7.80 lakh unit right shares to 3,779 applicants; remaining 10.44 lakh units to be sold via auction

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Sahara Bikas Bank Limited (SHBL) has allotted its 250% right shares on Shrawan 22, 2075. 7,80,614 unit shares were allotted to 3,779 applicants.

The development bank had issued 18,24,870 unit right shares to the shareholders holding shares till Baisakh 9, 2075.

The remaining 10,44,256 units will be sold via auction in the near future.

NIBL Ace Capital has been appointed as the issue manager for the right issuance.

After the adjustment of 250% right shares, its paid-up capital will reach Rs 25.55 crore.

SHBL is in the process of being acquired by Deva Bikas Bank Limited (DBBL).