Right Shares of Arun Valley Hydropower Allotted to Applicants; 89.34% Shares Subscribed

Thu, Apr 11, 2024 7:40 AM on Latest, Dividend, Bonus & Rights,

Arun Valley Hydropower Development Company Limited (AHPC) has allotted its 1:1 ratio right shares on the 27th Chaitra, 2080.

The company has allotted the shares to applicants and the non-allotted applicants will receive their money from tomorrow i.e. 30th Chaitra, 2080.

1,86,79,626 units of right shares were issued from 17th Falgun to 7th Chaitra, 2080. The hydropower company declared the book closure date for its rights offering on Magh 15. Thus, investors maintained before that day were eligible to apply for the shares.

A total of 1,66,87,492 shares have been allotted to the 33,714 valid applicants. Thus, 19,92,134 (10.66%) shares were unclaimed by eligible investors. This remaining quantity of shares will be auctioned soon to the general public and institutions.