RBB Merchant Banking Calls AGM on Ashwin 31; What are the Agendas?

RBB Merchant Banking Limited (RBBMBL) has called its 7th AGM on 31st Ashwin, 2079. The meeting will be held in head office of RBB Merchant Banking located at Singhadurbar Plaza, Kathmandu, starting at 4 pm that day.

These are the agendas of the AGM:

1) Endorsement of financial reports for the fiscal year 2078/79.
2) Endorse the auditor's report with PL statements, financial reports, and cash flow reports.
3) Endorse the appointment of the auditor for the fiscal year 2079/80.
4) Endorse 7.50% cash dividend (including tax).

The book closure date has not been announced yet.


AGM notice