Promoter Public Shareholding Ratio of Bhargav Bikas Bank changes to 55.50:44.50; NEPSE publishes a notice

Fri, Jul 19, 2019 4:24 PM on Latest, NEPSE News, Others,
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Nepal Stock Exchange Limited (NEPSE) has published a notice regarding the change in promoter public shareholding ratio of Bhargava Bikas Bank Limited (BHBL)

As per the notice published, after receiving approval from SEBON, NRB and share registrar, the promoter public shareholding ratio of the development bank will stand at 55.50:44.50.

Following this decision, 2,783,880 units of promoter shares and 2,232,120 units of ordinary shares have been made tradeable. Currently, BHBL is in acquisition process by Shine Resunga Development Bank Limited.