People's Power Publishes Q3 Report for FY 2079/80 with a Net Loss of Rs. 46.48 Lakhs; Net Worth per Share Below par at Rs. 96.99

Sun, May 28, 2023 12:24 PM on Latest,

People's Power Limited (PPL) has published its third-quarter report for the current fiscal year with a Net Loss of Rs. 46.48 lakhs. Up to the corresponding quarter of the previous fiscal year the company had profited by Rs. 41.13 lakhs.

The financial cost of the company has almost doubled compared to the corresponding quarter of FY 078/79. The hydropower company has incurred a financial cost of Rs. 1.08 crores, which has negatively affected the profitability of the company.  

The company has increased its revenue from operations by 26.22% up to Q3 of FY 2079/80 by generating Rs. 1.77 crores until the same period.

The Earnings per Share (EPS) of the company stands at Rs. -0.73 while it has a below par Net Worth per Share of Rs. 96.99.

PPL maintains a paid-up capital of Rs. 63.26 crores while has a negative Rs. 1.90 crores in the form of reserve and surplus.

According to the company, it has completed construction and begun commercial production from 2079/08/12. The company also acknowledges the constant risk of natural disasters including flood and landslide that can affect the project. Similarly, if the flow of the river decreases, that can impact the magnitude of commercial electricity production, the company states.  

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Major Financial Highlights: 

Particulars (In Rs '000) People's Power Limited 
Q3 2079/80 Q3 2078/79 Difference
Paid Up Capital 632,600.00 632,600.00 0.00%
Reserve and Surplus -19,048.27 -14,399.57 -
Property, Plant & Equipment 969,800.86 977,896.49 -0.83%
Revenue from Operations 17,776.34 14,083.97 26.22%
Employee cost 275.00 275.00 0.00%
Finance Expenses 10,815.83 5,587.65 93.57%
Net Profit/Loss -4,648.70 4,113.38 -
EPS (In Rs.) -0.73 0.65 -
Net Worth per Share (In Rs.) 96.99 97.72 -0.75%
Qtr End Market Price (In Rs.) 301.1 -