NIC ASIA Bank to provide insurance service worth Rs 21 lakh to account holders for its New Super Chamatkarik FD product; customers to receive extra benefits worth Rs 14K

Sun, Feb 23, 2020 11:31 PM on Featured,

NIC ASIA Bank has reaffirmed about its different attractive benefits that its customers can receive after opening its New Super Chamatkarik FD Account. As per the media statement, customers can receive financial benefit of Rs 14K with the new scheme only for the insurance amount of Rs 21 lakh.

Customers will receive Rs 10 lakh as accidental death insurance refund in case of death or permanent disability of the account holder in any accident, insurance claim of Rs 10 lakh against 18 different fatal diseases and medical insurance claim of Rs 1 lakh. These insurance packages would cost Rs 14K in market, as per the media statement.

The bank currently provides its services to its strong customer base from its 319 branches, 445 ATM terminals, 103 extension counters and 52 branchless banking units throughout the nation.