NEPSE publishes progress report on tasks endowed by Suggestions Committee; Framework for Market dealer ready to go

Thu, Sep 19, 2019 1:18 PM on Latest, NEPSE News, Stock Market,
NEPSE publ...

Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) has published a progress report on the topic that was suggested by the Suggestion Committee. Some of the highlights are:

NEPSE had collected license from Commercial Banks to provide broker license. However, based on the letter received from Sub-committee formed by General Assembly, Finance Committee and Federal Parliament on Shrawan 30, 2076, the process has been halted. NEPSE is waiting for the final report from the Sub-committee to proceed ahead.

The Investors Protection Fund established to protect the investors has already come into operation.

Based on the cost-benefit analysis, NEPSE has started to modify the existing system for OTC rather than building a new one.

Similarly, NEPSE was also tasked to study necessary pre-requisites to establish Employee Provident Fund (EFP), Citizens Investment Trust (CIT), Social Security Fund and Brokers as the market maker or dealer. The NEPSE has reported that the report has already been presented to SEBON.

Full document:


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