NEPSE Index Plunged by 0.77% to Close at 1,969.02, GUFL Sees Highest Turnover Among All Scrips

Mon, Apr 22, 2024 3:15 PM on NEPSE News, Stock Market, Latest,

The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) Index saw a loss of 0.77%, or 15.41 points, settling at 1,969.02 points at the close of trading today, following a gain of 12.29 points in the previous session.

Opening at 1,984.08, the trading day witnessed fluctuations as the index reached an intraday high of 1,992.78 before dipping to an intraday low of 1,964.42.

With a bustling trading environment, 320 different stocks were exchanged in 38,552 transactions. The total volume of shares traded stood at 5,656,282, reflecting a total turnover of Rs. 2.05 Arba. The market capitalization closed at Rs. 31.22 Kharba, with a float market capitalization of Rs. 10.54 Kharba.


Gurkhas Finance Ltd. (GUFL) emerged as the highlight of the day with a turnover of Rs. 11.54 Crore, closing at a market price of Rs. 754.60.


Similarly, People's Power Limited (PPL) showed the highest gain of 6.91%, followed by Prabhu Smart Fund (PRSF) with a gain of 5.80%.


Conversely, Dolti Power Company Limited (DOLTI) faced a decline, losing 7.37% to close at Rs. 451.10.


In terms of sector, Only one sector Index concluded in positive territory, with the "Mutual Fund Index" leading with a gain of 0.02%. However, the "Finance Index" witnessed a decline of 2.10%.