NEPSE crosses 1,500 levels with the third highest turnover ever; Hydropower sees voracious buying mania

Wed, Sep 2, 2020 3:56 PM on NEPSE News, Stock Market, Latest,

The stock market closed today at 1,510.57, with an impressive 25.58 points gaining bullish rally.

The last time that NEPSE closed above the 1500 level was way back on March 03, 2020 when the day closed at 1509.67.

A massive 4.18 Arba turnover was witnessed during the trading session today. 9,686,009 shares exchanged hands. This is the fourth time in the history of NEPSE that the turnover exceeds more than 4 Arba. Additionally, this is also the third-highest turnover ever.

Meanwhile, 186 scrips were traded via 45,272 transactions. The float index gained 1.72 points to close at 104.89. Similarly, the Sensitive index gained 6.25 points to close at 304.60.

Nepal Reinsurance Company (NRIC) had the highest turnover of 67.42 crores, which is significantly higher for a single company's turnover. It also had the most shares traded for today.

The Hydropower sector showed surprising gains today. 32 companies hit the upper circuit today.

In contrast, Prabhu Insurance Company Limited lost the most 4.41%.

Non-Life Insurance and Life Insurance lost today, with Non-Life Insurance losing the most 1.67%. Meanwhile, Hydropower gained the most 9.3% among sectors that gained.