NEPSE allows trading through online system; investors’ associations raise concern as only 1% of investors will be able to trade

Sun, Mar 22, 2020 12:31 PM on Latest, Others, Stock Market,

Various investor associations have once again come together to appeal complete suspension activities in the securities market.

It had been directed by the PM to halt all unessential services from Chaitra 9 to Chaitra 21, 2076 to contain the pandemic situation. It was also suggested to avoid any gathering of more than 25 people due to which investors were directed to avoid gathering at brokers’ offices and other places. However, trading from the online system was not halted.

This raised a concern among the investors’ group as among 20 Lakh registered demat accounts, only 20 Thousand investors use online system to trade shares. Citing the same reason, the investors’ group believe that if only 1% of investors are being able to trade, it is unfair for the remaining 99% of the investors and will lead to unprecedented movements in the market.

The group further adds that it will forced to take action if the authorities of the securities market fail to suspend all trading activities.