Nepal Reinsurance Company gets its 10 crore unit shares listed with NEPSE; shareholders now waiting for trading floor to open for exchanging share ownership

Wed, Jun 10, 2020 10:24 PM on Latest, Share Listed,

Nepal Reinsurance Company has signed an agreement with Nepse on Jestha 28, 2077 for listing of its 10 crore unit shares at NEPSE.

Earlier, the reinsurance company had got its shares dematerialized on Jestha 11, 2077 following the successful allotment process of its IPO shares despite of the lockdown and ongoing threat of Covid-19.

The company has stated that the listed shares will now be tradable once the secondary market opens after the ongoing Covid threat subsides, as per the media statement.  The Open Price Range is set as Rs 141.45 to Rs. 424.35 for the First Transactions and the stock symbol is NRIC. Earlier the company had appointed RBB Merchant Banking Limited as its share registrar.