Nepal Payment Solutions is live with One link Payment Service through Siddhartha Bank; users can now pay or collect payments through single link

Wed, Nov 24, 2021 6:25 AM on Latest, Corporate,

Nepal Payment Solution Pvt. Ltd. (NPS) is now live with the One Link Payment service starting with the Siddhartha Bank Limited. With this, users can pay or collect payments through a single link without any major integration.

In a simple manner, One Link eases the process of collecting and sending payments for customers as one can request and send payments via a link through SMS/Email or any other communication channels such as WhatsApp, Viber, and many more. Here, it demises the additional of the conventional payment process alongside mBanking.

Glancing back at the traditional payment setup, customers were caged with a single payment instrument either through the manual details. However, with One Link, customers can have all the available payment instruments in Nepal like eBanking, mBanking, IPS Connect, and wallet payments.

Today, we initially commence this service for the credit card bill payments and later on, it will cover up payments for the loan’s EMI. Altogether, it empowers individuals, SMEs, MSMEs, and even Corporate customers.

Nepal Payment Solution is an aggregator focused on BFIs, Remittance Companies, PSPs, and Business Houses. Altogether, Nepal Payment Solutions are partnered with the majority of A-class, B-class, and C-class banks and other non-bank Financial Institutions. All in all, NPS is a strong fintech force marching alongside 40+ banks, 50+ remittances, and 20+ wallets.