Nepal Micro Insurance's Inaugural AGM: Decisive Milestones and Appointments

Mon, Mar 4, 2024 2:23 PM on Latest, Corporate,

Nepal Micro Insurance Company Limited successfully concluded its inaugural Annual General Meeting on Falgun 21st, 2080, at its Chitwan head office.

The meeting marked a significant milestone, outlining the company's vision, addressing crucial matters, and making important decisions for the upcoming fiscal year.

A key highlight was the unanimous appointment of Priyanka and Associates as financial auditors for 2080/81, emphasizing the company's commitment to financial transparency.

Mr. Ashish Shrestha was elected Chairman of the board, with Ms. Prabina Dahal, Ms. Latika Golyan, and Mr. Siddhant Jhunjhunwala unanimously chosen as board members for a four-year term, bringing diverse expertise to contribute to the company's strategic direction and governance.