NCC Bank proposes 15.89% bonus share; paid up capital will increased to Rs 8.13 arba

Sun, Jul 7, 2019 1:00 PM on Dividend, Bonus & Rights, Latest,
NCC Bank p...

Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank Limited (NCCB) has proposed 15.89% bonus share and 0.83% cash dividend for tax purpose. 

The 752nd BOD meeting held today at 8:30 in morning has decided to proposed dividend from the earnings of fiscal year 2074/75.

The dividend will be distributed after the approval of the immediate Annual General Meeting which will be held after the approval from NRB. Therefore BOD also decided to present the proposal for dividend to NRB.

NCCB made profit of Rs 1.07 arba in FY 2074/75 and its existing paid up capital is Rs 7.01 and after the distribution of bonus shares its capital will increased to Rs 8.13 arba.