'Naya Luga' - Nabil Bank's Dashain Video Message

Mon, Oct 11, 2021 4:30 PM on Featured, Corporate,

Following the huge success of the video produced by Nabil Bank on the occasion of Dashain last year, the bank has unveiled a new video titled "Naya Luga" this year. The new video is based on the story of Nepalis living in the city who return to their villages to celebrate the great festival of Dashain. This story is also the autobiography of all Nepalis.

In the video, a father works in the city. His daughter's phone rings from home, asking him to fetch new clothes in Dashain, and he returns to the village after shopping for Dashain for the happiness of his daughter and wife. On the way back, the road gets damaged and gets jammed, but for the love and happiness of the family, they walk all night to the village. This story is presented in a very poignant way in the video.

Upon reaching home, the daughter, mother, and daughter's friend are all happily preparing to celebrate Dashain. This is when the video conveys the message that one should do something in the village instead of going to the city for work.

Furthermore, the video also conveys a message that you can meet your family safely and share happiness in Dashain in a simple way.