Nabil Investment Banking 2 Mutual Funds Proposed Cash Dividend for Fiscal Year 2078/79

Wed, Oct 12, 2022 12:00 PM on Latest, Dividend, Bonus & Rights, Mutual Fund,

Nabil Investment Banking Limited, through its board meet held on Ashwin 25, 2079, has proposed the dividend for the mutual fund schemes, Nabil Equity Fund (NEF) and Nabil Balanced Fund - 2 (NBF2) for fiscal year 2078/79.

Nabil Equity Fund (NEF) has declared a 5% cash dividend worth Rs 6.25 crores whereas Nabil Balanced Fund - 2 (NBF2) has declared 7% cash dividend worth Rs. 7.84 crores for the unit holders including the tax amount.

Kartik 18 is the book closure date. Thus, the unit holders maintained till that day are entitled to dividend payout.

Last Year for the FY 78/79, both the NEF and NBF2 have announced a 40% and 35% cash dividend respectively to its unit holders.