Mutual Fund scheme Nabil Balance Fund II closing to be extended; total collection crossed Rs.70 Crore till today

Tue, Apr 23, 2019 10:34 AM on Latest, Mutual Fund,
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Nabil Balance Fund II, managed by Nabil Investment Banking Limited and sponsored by Nabil Bank Limited is floating its public issue of 12 Crore units mutual fund scheme worth Rs.1.20 Arba from Baisakh 5, 2076. The early closing date of this mutual funds issue is on Baisakh 9, 2076 if the issue got oversubscription or else this issue can be extended up to Jestha 3, 2076.

Under the current mutual fund regulation, 15% units i.e. 1.80 Crore units are reserved for fund manager and fund sponsor. Remaining 10.20 Crore units will be floated to the general public.

As per the officials at Nabil Investment banking, the issue received applications from 18,329 applicants with total collection of almost Rs.70 Crore till today.

Interested people must apply for a minimum of 100 units of share and they can apply for up to 1.20 Crore units. Interested applicants can apply through ASBA-approved banks from all 77 districts across the country.

Nabil Balance Fund II is the Nabil Investment Banking Limited third mutual fund scheme, and is a 10-years closed-end fund. The scheme will be managed by Nabil Investment Banking Limited with Nabil Bank Limited as the fund sponsor.

Nabil Investment Banking Limited is a subsidiary of Nabil Bank licensed by SEBON to provide merchant banking, issue management, corporate advisory and mutual fund services.

Nabil Investment Banking has already issued 2 mutual funds i.e. Nabil Balance Fund I (5 years) which is already matured and Nabil Equity Fund (7 years) ongoing.