Mithila Laghubitta auction of unsold 21,642.69 units right shares closes from today; interested can apply till banking hour

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Mithila Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (MLBBL) is closing the auction of unsold 21,642.69 units right shares from today (Baisakh 27, 2076). This bid was opened since Baisakh 20.

The company is auctioning 13,977.78 units of promoter right shares and 7,664.91 units of ordinary right shares. BOK Capital Limited has been appointed as the issue manager for the auction.

Interested bidders can obtain the application form from BOK Capital Limited, Central office of Mithila Laghubitta within the valley and from central office of BOK Capital Limited outside the valley, Jyoti Bikas Bank at Mahendranager for applicants outside the valley. The application form can be obtained at Rs.100 per form.

The applicants can bid for minimum 100 units at a minimum price of Rs.100 per share. The bid amounts can be deposited at BOK Limited, Kamaladi branch A/C No. 010000063359524 or Jyoti Bikas Bank, Kamaladi branch A/C No. 00100100090458000004.

The microfinance company was issuing 329,889.69 units as 50% right shares at par value. After the adjustment of 50% right shares and 10.45% bonus shares, the paid-up capital of MLBBL will reach Rs.10.59 Crore.

The last trading price of MLBBL is Rs 510 traded on May 8.

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