Locals construct recharge pond for protection of water source

Mon, Apr 15, 2019 5:12 PM on Latest,
Locals con...

Local women of Dasharathchand municipality-6, Sera in Baitadi have materialized their efforts for the protection of water resource.

In view of the dry season, women have constructed recharge pond in the upstream of the water source. Bhagarathi Karki, a local, shared they constructed the recharge pond to protect water source as there was a compulsion to consume contaminated water of Mahakali River during the dry season. Women associated with Nawajyoti Women Empowerment Centre teamed up and constructed the recharge pond for source protection, informed Tara Karki, a local.

Women came up with the idea since water sources are drying up due to climate change effects, rampant deforestation and excessive use of dozers in the name of development