List of Companies which have Announced Dividends For the Fiscal Year - 2078/79

Companies listed in NEPSE have declared the dividend (both cash and bonus) for the fiscal year 2078/79. Proposed Dividend is the dividends that are distributed among the shareholders of the company during a financial year and will be paid in the Next Year. Hence, the dividends of FY-78/79 are distributed in this FY-79/80.

Investors do not just earn from the rise in the share price of their portfolio stocks. They also earn from the dividend and bonuses announced by the company from time to time. Hence, it becomes important for secondary market enthusiasts to know the names of stocks that are going to pay dividends in near future.

Note for Beginners: You can buy the shares of a company after it has proposed its dividend and still be eligible to get the dividend. In other words, you do not have to invest in the company for one whole fiscal year, which is a misconception among amateur investors.

The book closure date is simply the date on which the company closes its books for the dividend. Investors can still buy the shares after that date but they won’t get the dividend.

To get the dividend of the company, you must buy the shares before the book closure date and you must not sell those shares till the book closure date. For example, investors can buy the shares of a company on the last day before its book closure date and still be entitled to the dividend. The investor remains eligible even if they sell the shares at the book closure date.

Cash and bonus dividends of companies listed at NEPSE in the Fiscal Year 2078-79 are as given below.

S.N. Symbol Company Bonus Dividend(%) Cash Dividend(%) Total Dividend(%) Book Closure Date
1 NLO Nepal Lube Oil Limited 25 5 30 9/30/2022
2 AKPL Arun Kabeli Power Limited 10 0 10  Not Announced
3 SANCAP Sanima Capital Limited 0 15.789 15.789  Not Announced
4 SAEF Sanima Equity Fund 0 22 22 9/25/2022
5 SHPC Sanima Mai Hydropower Limited 0 5.2632 5.2632 9/28/2022
6 SFMF Sunrise First Mutual Fund 0 12 12 Closed
7 NIBLSF NIBL Sahabhagita Fund 0 7.2 7.2 Closed
8 NIBLPF NIBL Pragati Fund 0 4.2 4.2 Closed
9 KCL Kumari Capital Limited 0 5 5  Not Announced
10 SEF Siddhartha Equity Fund 0 9 9 Closed
11 SIGS2 Siddhartha Investment Growth Scheme-2 0 10 10 Closed
12 NMBHF1 NMB Hybrid Fund L- 1 0 21.0526 21.0526 Closed
13 NMB50 NMB 50 0 21.0526 21.0526 Closed
14 LUK Laxmi Unnati Kosh 0 5 5 Closed
15 NICACL NIC Asia Capital Limited 0 55 55  Not Announced
16 LEMF Laxmi Equity Fund 0 5 5 Closed

16 companies have already proposed the dividend for the fiscal year 2078/79. 

As seen, NIC Asia capital limited has declared 55% cash dividend for the FY 2078/79 and Sanima Capital Limited declared 15.789% cash dividend.

Nepal Lube Oil (NLO) has provided a cash dividend of 5% as well as the company has also provided 25% Bonus Shares. This makes the total Dividend of NLO of 30% in the fiscal year 2078/79. The book closure dates for the company is September 30,2022.

Many mutual funds have already declared dividends for the Fiscal Year - 78/79. Among which, NMB Hybrid Fund L-1 and NMB 50 declared cash bonus worth 21.0526%, the book closure for which has already elapsed. 

Apart from this, two insurance companies viz Nepal Life and National life insurance company have also announced the dividends of FY - 77/78 recently. 

S.N. Symbol Company Bonus Dividend(%) Cash Dividend(%) Total Dividend(%) Book Closure Date Fiscal Year
1 NLIC Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited 0 15.7895 15.7895 Not announced 2077/2078
2 NLICL National Life Insurance Company Limited 15 0.789 15.789 Not announced 2077/2078

NLIC and NLICL announced divided of 15.789% each for the FY 2077/78. The book closure dates are not yet announced.