LIC Nepal distributing its bonus dividend directly to demat accout and cash dividend directly to bank account; Company to distribute 34.46% bonus share and 35.53% cash dividend

LIC Nepal...

Life Insurance Corporation (LICN) is distributing 70% dividend to its shareholders that includes 34.46% bonus shares and 35.54% cash dividend from the profit it made in the fiscal year 2074-75.

The bonus shares will be directly deposited in the shareholders demat account. Similarly, for the shareholder who haven't yet dematerialized their shares yet, they will receive their bonus shares in the demat account after they dematerialize. Similarly, the cash dividend will be directly deposited in the respective shareholders' bank account through IPS.

During the review period, the life insurance company had sold more than 1.33 lakh insurance policies thereby raising the insurance premium of Rs 288.89 crore. The life insurance recorded the increase in its life insurance fund by 25.85%, increased first insurance premium income by 9.70%, investment by 21.76% and earning increased by 55.67% during the same review period.