Laxmi Value Fund-1 matures on Chaitra 11, 2076; Laxmi Capital to start winding up procedures

Mon, Mar 2, 2020 12:26 PM on Latest, Mutual Fund, Stock Market,
Laxmi Valu...

Laxmi Value Fund-1 (LVF1) is a closed-end 5 years mutual fund scheme managed by Laxmi Capital Market Limited and sponsored by Laxmi Bank.

The fund has published a notice stating that the scheme matures on Chaitra 11, 2076 and that is the last trading day for LVF1 units in NEPSE.

It has reported incline in NAV to Rs.10.15 from Rs.10.07 for the month of Magh.

The scheme, which began with a fund size of Rs.50 Crore, has invested Rs.1.21 Crore in the shares of 11 listed companies and has Rs.2.03 Lakhs investment in public issues.

This mutual fund has Rs.41.53 Crore as a fixed deposit and Rs.7.82 Crore as a bank balance. It has reported a net loss of Rs.8.35 Crore till the end of Magh month.