Last Day to Grab Dividend of Citizens Mutual Fund-1 (CMF1) and Citizens Mutual Fund - 2 (CMF2)

CBIL Capital has already unveiled the book closure date for the dividend of its mutual funds. Bhadra 24 is the book closure date. Thus, unitholders maintained till today day are entitled to the dividend payout. 

The capital proposed a 40% cash dividend to unitholders of Citizens Mutual Fund-1 (CMF1) and Citizens Mutual Fund - 2 (CMF2).

The meeting of the board of directors held on Bhadra 01 decided on the matter. The dividend is worth Rs. 32.8 crores for Citizens Mutual Fund-1 (CMF1) and Rs. 22.4 crores for Citizens Mutual Fund - 2 (CMF2).

CMF1 Dividend History

CMF2 Dividend History